Fight the Good Fight

By Jennifer Seifert

Take a moment to think about your family. Mothers, sisters, nieces, cousins… how would you react if a beloved woman in your family was diagnosed with cancer? Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent illnesses among women. The best thing to do if you know someone fighting this disease is to offer your full support and encouragement.

Over the years, there have been numerous activities and fundraising events established to end the struggle and find the cure (at home and around the world). This October, we encourage you to participate in one of the following events and support women fighting breast cancer everywhere:

The National Race for the Cure – In October 1983 the Race for the Cure was held for the first time in Dallas, Texas, where 800 people participated. According to the organizers, by 2002 the number of participants reached 1.3 million. The event is currently held in over 100 US cities.

Breast Cancer Walks – There are various two-day walks to raise money for breast cancer research institutes. Avon sponsors a 39 mile (60 km) walk. A walk in Atlanta offers varying lengths of up to 30 miles. Canada’s large “Weekend to End Breast Cancer” features a 60 km walk. Find one near you!

Susan G. Komen 3 Day “For the Cure” – This 60-mile fundraising walk, which is spread across three days, raises money for breast cancer research. This walk, which benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation, occurs in several cities in America.

Guild Wars 2/Stormbluff Isles “A Month in Pink” – For the entire month of October, Great Architect is sponsoring a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in Guild Wars 2 on the Stormbluff Isles server. They are encouraging all members of their guild and the server to wear pink for the entire month.


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